Interview Advice

The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is opened“   Henry David Thoreau


Do not underestimate the importance of preparation for job applications and Interviews.  Researching the company and who you are meeting is key to your success.  Use of the internet, can give you lots of relevant information about a company and the job role you are applying for.  Look at the company website, recent news items, company year end results, etc…  One of the first questions employers often ask is “what do you know about us?”

Plan your questions

Assessing the opportunity at interview is crucial to understand whether this is the right career move for you.  It is as important that you acurately assess the company and job at interview as it is for them to assess you.  Think about your questions before you go.  Make notes and take these with you at interview.  Avoid asking questions around the remuneration package – this can create the wrong impression about you.  Ask intelligent questions about the company, job role and the person you are meeting.

Take a folder to interview

Include spare copies of your CV, qualifications, certificates, references and anything else that could support your application.

Think about your Strengths and Weaknesses

Put yourself in the employers shoes for a moment.  Why should they want to take you on – what are the qualities you can offer?  Equally important, think about the reasons why they may not want to take you on?  How can you overcome these concerns at interview?  Often these are things that can be easily overcome at interview, if you are prepared and are able to reassure employers at interview stage.

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